I absolutely loved it. Great companions on the ride, and an extremely fulfilling day!

Shaykh Shams Ad Duha, Ebrahim College

I’m no biker but Tour De Salah provided for ALL levels, so trust me you’ll love it!  What a day, praying in jamaah, raising money for our Ummah and a top health reminder to look after the bodies we have been blessed with!

Rahat Hadi

Doing the Tour De Salah is entire access to tips, ride leaders, guru cyclists , training and meeting like minded people. You want fun, then sign up!

Samra Saeed

Splendid day which is challenging, spiritual, fun, well organised and a strong sense of community.

Usman Bashir

Exercise, camaraderie, salah in jama’ah. Does it get any better!

Usman Malik


So much fun, a great way to meet lovely people, push yourself and do something different – not your average challenge, but one with a real spirit and ethos behind it.

Louiza Chekhar

The Tour de Salah is an amazing opportunity to raise money for a brilliant charity and potentially the start of a new lifestyle – I was a cycle-hater before, now I can’t wait for my next bike challenge!

Yasin Haroon

A great experience, cycling laughing and sharing throughout the day, all for an amazing cause. It really is worth giving this challenge a go!

Omar Saeed, InterFirm Islamic Society

It makes cycling totally accessible for all. If you’ve never been on a long cycle ride or if you are a veteran, you will have a really great experience. It’s a great way to build your confidence in cycling and a good way to meet new brothers and sisters.

Yusuf Crook

Spirituality, endurance and sharing for a good cause – that’s the Tour De Salah.

Kaoutar Bechache

The camaraderie and brotherly love between the group took us through this adversity and it felt less like a sport event and more like a pilgrimage. We were spurred on by the shared mission and encouraged by our hosts at the inspirational mosques.

Dr Hesham Abdalla