Tour de Salah 2018

JS_TDS_007The 5th Tour De Salah was back for another year on Saturday 29th September.  With over 120 cyclists across four different distances participants had a great day.  Cyclists ranged from the most experienced riders to families with children as young as 6 years.

For the first time ever we had two starting routes for the 15km; Palmers Green Mosque, MCEC, and Hounslow Mosque.  Hounslow Mosque were also a lunch stop for the both the 100km and 60km rides and with the free Dr Bike sessions for the public too it was a great atmosphere.   

From the starting point at Palmers Green Mosque, MCEC, throughout the rest of the day there was a feeling of excitement and apprehension amongst the riders.  Riding in the glorious sunshine around London all of cyclists had an incredible day with their friends and families.  

“Really fun time.  Very well organised.  Definitely recommend to others.”  Rizwan Badr, 100km cyclist

An event like this would not have been possible without the continued support of our sponsors and all the London councils involved: Haringey, Hounslow and Waltham Forest.  A special thanks goes to all of the Mosques, particularly Hounslow and our venue partner Palmers Green Mosque, MCEC, who made this years event so special.   

“Thank you to all of the organisers for making it a great day.  Thank you for leading us with such professionalism.”  Hafeez, 60km cyclist

Check back for regular updates on Tour de Salah 2019 and information on how you can get involved.

Photo credit: Jenna Selby

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Updated: Tour de Salah is Recruiting!

Tour de Salah is an incredible cycling initiative which started back in 2014 and it continues to grow each year.  With several London Borough’s on board as partners, we’re set to fulfil some exciting ambitions Insha’Allah and we are recruiting to expand our team!

Updated: Marketing & Event Co-Ordinator 

Person Profile: 

  • This role will suit a cycling enthusiast with the experience of marketing and delivering events.  027909
  • Has prior experience of managing partners and external organisations. 
  • Excellent IT office and social media skills are essential.  
  • Self-motivated and organised with the ability to meet targets and provide regular progress reports.  
  • Must be based in London.  Will work from home with occasional visits to head office.  

Core Job Functions

  • Liaising with councils, charities, faith groups and cycling networks across London. 
  • Deliver pre-agreed participant numbers by working with networks such as cycling groups, charities, faith organisations and others.  
  • Corresponding with new sign ups through registration emails, chasing necessary declaration information and liaising regulary with participants by email, text, phone and Whatsapp groups.  
  • Dealing with enquiries through phone and email about the event. 
  • Co-ordinating marketing efforts through email and social media. 
  • Managing the delivery of the event and all requirements for the day: 
    • Liaising with mosques and faith stops. 
    • Liaising with ride leaders and volunteers. 
    • Arranging food and refreshments for the event. 
  • Prior to the event: 
    • Ensuring routes are fully planned and ready with no issues on the day. 
    • Arranging the ride groups for the day.  


  • Full time starting ASAP until September (opportunity for longer contract possible)
  • £2,000 – £2,500 per month (negotiable depending on experience)

How to Apply

So, if you want to be part of a really exciting project and work with some great people then we want to hear from you.  Email to tell us why you’re the right person for the job.  



Tour de Salah 2017

Tour de Salah 2017 held on Saturday 9th enjoyed its success, with four different challenges and participants ranging from the competent and experienced to 7 year old cyclists.

Setting off from Palmers Green Mosque, MCEC, throughout the day the atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation for the ride ahead. Each ride ran thourgh a unique route stopping at different Mosques along the way for prayer, refreshments and a chance to share stories. All rides ended back at Palmers Green Mosque for a family reception and warm meal. A perfect finish to a perfect day for all the riders who fulfilled a challenge through this incredible event.  

Really fun time. Very well organised. Definitely recommend to others.” Rizwan Badr, 100km cyclist

An event like this would not have been possible without the continued support of our main sponsor IKCA and all of the Mosques who agreed to take part this year.  Special thanks also goes to Palmers Green Mosque, MCEC, whose continued support and hospitality made this event so special in 2017.  

“Thank you to all of the organisers for making it a great day.  Thank you for leading us with such professionalism.”  Hafeez, 60km cyclist

Check back for regular updates on Tour de Salah 2018 and information on how you can get involved.

My experience of my first fundraising and cycling challenge!

Tour de Salah – 60km cycling challenge2017-09-10-PHOTO-00000425
I always wanted to take part in Tour de Salah (a cycling challenge organised by an Islamic organisation. Salah translates to ‘prayer’) since it’s launch a few years ago. But it would usually coincide with when I’m abroad (and no, I wasn’t booking holidays to evade the challenge). This year I eventually embraced the challenge as well as embarking on my first ever fundraising for charity – to raise donations for Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s eye restoration programme which works to cure and prevent blindness in third world countries.

Initial mental barriers

I had no excuse to not take part in the cycling challenge given that I profusely enjoy cycling – over short distances and going downhills, I should add. Yet I found nerves and anxiety kicking in leading me to procrastinate over whether to sign up for the challenge. I found the fear of fundraising towards my own set target more horrifying than the physical cycling challenge. Then I reminded myself of a reassuring and calming question to ask myself – what’s the worst that can happen?

Fundraising challenge

027378Once I signed up, to my surprise, I found a new buzz within me. I felt eager when creating my fundraising page. As I started to share my page and ask friends, families and colleagues for support I found my initial nerves evaporate.

People responded effusively and espoused the cause I was fundraising for. It was encouraging to hear from various people that they ‘wished that they could have been the first to sponsor me’. I also received hilarious remarks such as ‘could you not think of better and less brutal ways to fundraise’ and ‘better you cycle around London than me’.

The most heart touching aspect of the challenge was people’s generosity. I was humbled when people swiftly responded to sponsoring me. I quickly realised that my perceived ‘ambitious’ target was derisory and would be blown away. People’s unbridled generosity led me to uplifting my fundraising target repeatedly. In the end I raised, thanks to all my friends, family and colleagues, 6 times more than my initial target; and had more than three times the number of sponsors than I had envisaged.

Cycling training Picture2-blog

With the enduring challenge awaiting me, I knew I had to build my stamina. I had around 5 cycling training sessions to get ready for 60km. I started training with a few friends and joined a newly formed cycling club ‘Green Stars’ which is opened to all and part of Palmers Green (north London) Mosque and Community and Education Centre.

For the training, we covered town roads, country roads and climbed hills (I didn’t like the latter). After the rides, I’d naturally be physically exhausted. However, a greater challenge than the cycling was the sacrifice of my invaluable morning lie ins on weekends (it’s super painful waking up on a Sunday morning but on the other hand we’d face clear roads with few cars – a haven for cyclists).

Cycling Challenge Day i.e Judgement Day

Around 130 people, from all backgrounds, ages, fitness levels, took part in the cycling challenge ride across 4 categories (15km, 30km, 60km and 100km). When I arrived at the departing point (Palmers Green Mosque) I was aroused by seeing the flotilla of bikes, it felt like being a kid in a candy shop. The organisers from IBE and BOB (Amy, Amjad, Glen, Andrea amongst others) briefed all participants on cycling as a group and the do’s and don’ts to ensure safety of not just us but also the public.027909

We (60km group) departed Palmers Green, North London at 11am, returning back around 5.30pm (on the same day!). The first big challenge of the ride was a few kms into the ride when we climbed the notoriously steep hill in Alexandra Palace. At the top, we were rewarded to the beautiful views of London. Next we rode towards Westminster. I felt like a tourist cycling past London’s top attractions and beautiful buildings including cycling across Tower Bridge on our way to the first stop at Southwark Mosque.

After a snack and prayer break, we then rode towards West London. The route involved crossing Lambeth Bridge, cycling through Green Park passing Buckingham Palace and onto Hyde Park. Our next break including lunch was at Harrow mosque. Following this, we headed back to North London where we had to face a few hills en route.

Although 60km is a long distance, the cycle ride did not feel incessant nor insipid. The various types of roads, scenery and attractions kept me exhilarated. Arriving back at Palmers Green, there were photographers and videographers awaiting us. The organisers beautifully wrapped up the day with a closing ceremony.


The organisers had emphasised that this was not to be a race, rather a ride. I thought they were showing hubris and wondered to myself how could they constrain a group of men (and possibly some females) from following their competitive drive and not embroil in a full out cycling battle across London. Yet, the organisers did a superb job by providing a group leader and group facilitator to keep the ride orderly, safe, friendly, provide support and meticulously ensured every participants’ needs were met. The organisers provided snacks and lunch at break spots and a meal at the end of the cycle ride.

Overall experience

My first ever experience of a challenge fundraise was humbling, exciting and most importantly enjoyable. The demands, determinations and achievement of completing both the cycling and fundraising challenge led to self-fulfilment.

Thanks to all my family, friends and colleagues I raised over £2,000 via around 65 sponsors; and Green Stars cycling club who supported me in building my fitness to meet the challenge.
I would encourage all readers to get on their bikes and participate in future Tour De Salah rides; and to not underestimate the support of those around you. If you are passionate about a cause, most people will contribute towards helping you to achieve your goal.

Muhammed Fahad Khaliq

The Routes!

We are very excited to announce the provisional routes for Tour De Salah 2017! Click here to see the routes for each distance, including a map and a link to a detailed GPS version of each route.

Each route may be subject to small changes, but we hope that the main elements of the routes will remain the same. All updates and news about the routes will be updated on the Tour De Salah website as soon as possible.

This year we have worked hard to ensure that all of the routes take in some of the natural scenery and landmarks of the capital providing a varied and exciting experience for each rider.

We expect places to get booked up very quickly for this unique challenge so make sure you do not delay and sign up today.


Organise your Local Tour De Salah

dsc00161Do you want to get more involved in Tour De Salah but live outside of London? Why not organise your own local Tour De Salah event instead?  In 2017 we want to see Tour De Salah grow and get even more cyclists across the UK involved.  In London we are expanding the ride to include multiple distances that suit different abilities and backgrounds, from 15km to 100km, and having a family ride.  We want to see even more people involved with this exciting event and become part of the growing Tour De Salah community.

Do you enjoy cycling as part of group or putting on local events?  Then this could be the opportunity for you! Find out more and how to get involved.

Tour De Salah 2017

14289840_10153651896182127_3109664115097271651_oTour De Salah is back on Saturday 9th September 2017!  Now in its fourth year we decided to make a few changes to this incredible event to open it up to even more cyclists across the UK.

Some of the new features include:

  • A choice of 4 routes with distances of 15km, 30km, 60km or the whole 100km
  • Cycling in a group with experienced riders or instead riding the route at your own pace
  • Checkpoints to ensure you stay on track
  • Fundraising for charities of your choice
  • Fairer rides with competency and gender based groups

This incredible day will be alongside a fun filled mela that will welcome non-cyclists and families to get involved.  There are only 300 spaces and you do not want to miss out on this amazing event.  Register today before it is too late.

City Circle on Tour de Salah 2016!

We are so excited to announce that City Circle have now also signed up to be a part of Tour De Salah 2016. You can now sign up to fundraise for this incredible charity by clicking here.


In their own words:

“The City Circle is an open circle for open minds where individuals are pushed to think outside the box. It provides a safe space for communities to self-critically discuss and debate issues that concern them. It is open to the public, all Muslim and non-Muslim opinions are welcome. Whatever your faith and whatever your politics, the City Circle remains a home for everyone. We are an independent and inclusive space.

The City Circle offers no doctrinal solutions but instead a space to explore new ideas and a place to ask questions:  to challenge and be challenged. That is how we believe creative, confident and dynamic communities develop.”

To find out more information visit

Charity Right on Tour De Salah 2016!

We are so excited to announce that charity right have signed up to be a part of Tour De Salah 2016. You can now sign up to fundraise for this incredible charity by clicking here.


In their own words:

“Charity Right are an international charity providing regular school meals to some of the poorest school children living in Sudan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. By providing regular school meals we ensure that children are nourished and healthy enough to attend school, learn attentively without hunger pains and complete their education.

Charity Right believe that every child has the right to eat, to live a healthy life and contribute towards society. By providing food we enable more children to access an education and brighten their future.”

Why not support them today by taking part in Tour De Salah and choosing them for your chosen charity? Book your place today.

Let the competition begin

Tour De Salah FundraisingTour De Salah is happening for the 3rd year on Saturday 6th August and for the first year ever will be showcasing the top fundraisers by rewarding top places with different prizes. Ranging from an Olive Tree being planted in their name to vouchers from local restaurants you will not want to miss out!

We will be letting all participants know about their competition through an online leadership board that will be updated daily and regular emails.

You can take part as an individual or as part of a team so why not get all of your friends and family involved to win that top prize!