Tour De Salah 2016

TDS 2015On Saturday 3rd September Tour De Salah is back for its 3rd year! I am lucky enough that this will be my second year Project Managing this unique and exciting challenge that sees up to 300 participants cycling 100km across London stopping to 5 iconic Mosques along the way.

I have to admit that prior to be involved with this event I struggled to see the appeal of cycling. Despite being taught to ride a bike from a young age in my grandparents back garden since I had left school I had never even thought about picking up a bike again – let alone getting involved with one of the largest Muslim organised bike rides in Europe! But this all changed when I started working at MADE last March. Suddenly I was thrust into the cycling world and the buzz from the participants both before and during the challenge was infectious.

This event is not just about being a cyclist but it is intrinsically linked to your faith as a Muslim. It gives you the feeling of belonging to a community and world bigger than your back garden that is so often forgotten in the world today. It is rare to be involved in an event that is both a physical and spiritual challenge that pushes not only your physical ability but your spiritual relationship with Allah.

From the courage shown by people who finished the 100km despite only having cycled a handful of times in their lives, to the way everyone encourages each other to carry on through the challenge and the emotions felt when they crossed the finish line – this event is a game changer for anyone who takes part. This event can completely change your life and give you the priceless experience of experiencing the spirit of Islam – community, comradeship and faith in Allah. What else could you ask for?

Either register today by clicking here or volunteer for the event by emailing