Tour De Salah in 2016 was an incredible day that saw cyclists raising money for charities including City Circle and Charity Right alongside MADE who jointly organised the event for the 3rd year running. Nearly 80 participants braved the wind and rain for a day that will be remembered by all who took part!

Registration began at East London Mosque where cyclists were placed into groups based on abilities and feedback in surveys before the day.  Before each team set off all bikes were checked and a full briefing that prepared them all for the day ahead!  With a short pit stop at Edmonton Islamic Centre they then made their way onto Harrow Central Mosque where they had enjoyed a lengthly lunch stop and Salah break.  Next was Kingston Mosque where groups were welcomed with snacks, refreshments and plenty of sustenance for the long day ahead alongside group photos with the Mosque chairman in the rain!  As cyclists progressed to London Central Mosque, Regents Park, the rain got heavier but it didn’t dampen their spirits.  After praying Asr prayer they then started the home stretch to a warm meal and cake at East London Mosque again.

At their finishing point they were greeted with a MADE Celebration Dinner that showcased the work of the organisation and celebrated the successes of the participants who took part and their fundraising for their chosen charity.

The weather certainly lived up to the September stereotype but it didn’t affect our cyclists and they braved the elements to complete the 3rd annual Tour De Salah.