Tour De Salah took place for the very first time on Saturday 6 September 2014.  Organised jointly with the charity organisation MADE, 43 cyclists took part in a 100km endurance cycle around London stopping to pray Salah (prayer) at five iconic London mosques.

The day started with Fajr Salah at East London Mosque where the cyclists were joined by Shaykh Shams Ad Duha, the founder and director of Ebrahim College.  They then made their way down to Kingston Muslim Association for a quick break before traveling onto London Central Mosque for Zuhr Salah where they were welcomed by MADE’s Eco Fair.  This family fun day which promoted environmentally friendly and ethical living tied in well with the vibe of the day and was enjoyed by all.  It was then onto the Muslim Community & Education Centre for Asr Salah then Harrow Central Mosque for Maghrib Salah finishing just after 9 pm at Al Manaar in time for Isha Salah.

Sarah Javaid, the Director of MADE in Europe said: “Tour De Salah is a unique initiative to get more people in Muslim communities cycling. Islam teaches us to “tread lightly” on the earth and be aware of the impact that our lifestyles have on Allah’s creation. Cycling is a fantastic way to reduce our individual and community carbon footprint while benefitting our health and personal wellbeing at the same time!”

One of the cyclists, Hesham Abdalla commented “Physically the journey was hard but the camaraderie and brotherly love amongst the group took us through this adversity and it felt less like a sporting challenge and more like a pilgrimage. We were spurred on by the purpose of our mission to support the Palestinian farmers and encouraged by our hosts at the inspirational mosques we visited on the way.”

In 2014 Tour De Salah was sponsored by SHUKR Islamic Clothing, Modestly Active, Kaspas, British Muslim TV and Planet Releaf – a huge thank you to them and everyone involved.