MADE (Muslim Action for Development and Environment):

Cycle for MADE at this year’s Tour de Salah and be part of a movement to invest in the next generation of young British Muslims! MADE inspires and enables young British Muslims to serve society and the environment through social action (volunteering, fundraising and campaigning), strengthening both character and local communities in the process.


Since it was founded in 2009, MADE has been engaged in ground-breaking campaigns, developing and delivering our ‘Changemakers’ campaign training, and running faith based educational activities for young Muslims linked to social action. Much of this work has been with an environmental focus – including challenges like Tour de Salah! MADE is now building a brand new programme that provides social action opportunities for young British Muslims across the UK and recognises their positive contributions


Through this new flagship social action programme, we will connect young British Muslims (aged 10 – 20) to volunteering, campaigning and fundraising opportunities that will help them to develop life skills necessary for a positive future. Working in partnership with a range of organisations, initiatives and charities, MADE will enable young people to access to a wide range of ways of giving back to society and serving the environment, all whilst building their skills and experience. Muslim schools, colleges and youth groups from across the country will be able to benefit from the opportunities of our Muslim and mainstream charity partners, whilst recognising and rewarding their pupils’ achievements and contributions.shams

Social Action is not extra-curricular. It is core. Knowledge without action is not Islamic Education.”
– Shaykh Shams Ad-Duha Muhammad, Ebrahim College

This new initiative will mean young British Muslims are given new skills and experiences that build their confidence and improve their future prospects, but it will also lead to long-term benefit for society as a whole.  By ensuring that we have a more confident generation and more diversity in mainstream organisations, our local communities will become stronger and society more inclusive. You can bring this innovative platform to life by taking part in this year’s Tour de Salah and raising money for MADE!

As well as this new project, MADE will be continuing its leading environmental education in schools and youth groupsacross the UK primarily through our Green Up Award Scheme, which supports them to make positive and practical changes to become more environmentally aware.

“I feel so motivated to be the change and to do something to make the world a better place to live by doing our part in our locality.” – MADE participant.

MADE has inspired me so much and really encouraged me to go for it! I cannot explain how I felt when I came to training and saw the work that MADE is doing. I have been waiting for this organisation all my life!” – MADE participant.

By signing up to cycle for MADE at this year’s Tour De Salah, you will become an intrinsic part of this vision. What’s more, MADE will provide you with fundraising support and ideas, all you need is enthusiasm, passion, and a bike!

Get in touch with if you would like to know more about what we’re up to and how else you can be involved.

“What I love about MADE is that when it comes to empowering young British Muslims to make positive change happen, it goes beyond the theory and right to the heart of social action. Pairing tJulie Siddiquehe teachings of Islam with what we know from science and research, MADE then gives young people the tools to do good, affect real change, and make a difference to the world.”

– Julie Siddiqi, Founder of Sadaqa Day