Tour De Salah is a physical and spiritual challenge like no other! It’s the biggest organised bike ride of its kind in the UK with cyclists choosing from four routes covering 15km, 30km, 60km or 100km.  Each group will stop at iconic mosques across London and enjoying some of the most scenic views of the capital along the way. All routes will also have checkpoints to help monitor the progress of each ride.

Now in its fifth year Tour De Salah is back with a twist, where the whole family can get involved whatever their cycling ability. Within each ride the participants will be part of a group with experienced riders supporting them along the way. There will also be an option to follow the route independently at one’s own pace, with the help of a route map. However, all participants within a group will be required to reach the corresponding checkpoints within the designated times.

In the last 5 years over 200 cyclists have taken part in Tour De Salah raising £10,000s for UK based charities.  The 2018 Tour De Salah takes place on Saturday 1st September 2018.  You can fundraise for your chosen charity and sign up today here.

The Tour De Salah is an initiative by Ibn Battuta Expeditions.